StarPW Revealer 1.0

Image StarPW Revealer 1.0
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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Reveals passwords memorized and hidden with asterisks"

StarPW Revealer discovers the keys that are hidden with asterisks by the programs that are able to remember them. When activating the memorization of a password with messaging clients, servers and other software, it is protected by means of the aforementioned characters that the tool replaces with the original password that has been saved.

Thank you for the fact that many of the existing programs offer the possibility of storing the password by remembering it every time you log in, although this can take its toll if after a while you are forced to enter it manually and can't remember it. In this type of situation, StarPW Revealer comes to your aid revealing the content hidden by the asterisks that protect the memorized keys.

To discover a password you must drag the StarPW Revealer icon and drop it on the asterisks to be processed. The key in question will then be displayed and you can copy it freely.